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Fast Download of Samsung Firmware

Have you struggled to find a site where to fast download firmware for your Samsung device? I did.  I found a lot of websites where you either paid a fee or subscription or you download at max 40-50 Kb/s. Finally, after a long search, I found a post on the XDA developer forum that linked to updato.com website. (I bricked my phone and I needed to try several firmware because I did not know or the right CSC. If your phone works try to dial *#1234# or *2767*4387264636# )


screenshot of the updato.com website
Fast Download of Samsung Firmware using updato.com


In particular, clicking on Firmware (see photo) on the top bar, or surfing to https://updato.com/firmware-archive-select-model, you can search for your specific phone firmware. After selecting it, a new page will open with a not too visible grey Download button on the right (see photo).  Click on it and download at high speed. In my case up to 3 Mb/s!



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