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Fast Download of Samsung Firmware

Have you struggled to find a site where to fast download firmware for your Samsung device? I did.  I found a lot of websites where you either paid a fee or subscription or you download at max 40-50 Kb/s. Finally, after a long search, I found a post on the XDA developer forum that linked to website. (I bricked my phone and I needed to try several firmware because I did not know or the right CSC. If your phone works try to dial *#1234# or *2767*4387264636# )


screenshot of the website
Fast Download of Samsung Firmware using


In particular, clicking on Firmware (see photo) on the top bar, or surfing to, you can search for your specific phone firmware. After selecting it, a new page will open with a not too visible grey Download button on the right (see photo).  Click on it and download at high speed. In my case up to 3 Mb/s!


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