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[Shell] How to remove all empty directories in a sub-tree?

Using shell, both in Linux or in Windows Sub-system for Linux [WSL], you can remove all the empty directories in a folder or hard drive and in all the sub-folders. Short answer: open your terminal and navigate into the top…

AppLike, scam or legit?

Short answer: Legit. I used the app and I received a payment. Here the proof: Click here to install the app and receive 2555 coins for free: https://r.applike.info/s/5b1d4034394e8 Enjoy!

Fast Download of Samsung Firmware

Have you struggled to find a site where to fast download firmware for your Samsung device? I did.  I found a lot of websites where you either paid a fee or subscription or you download at max 40-50 Kb/s. Finally,…

[Matlab] Multiple instance of Matlab when opening .m files

If you have a new instance of matlab opening each time you open a new file you can check these page for a lot of differente ways of fixing it. On the official site: “Why is a new instance of…

How to add_submenu_page() passing a $variable (parameter=value) with called function

Since in WordPress you cannot pass directly a parameter into the callback function called by the add_submenu_page, I have figured out another simple way to do it. My problem was to pass a simple parameter into a sub-menu page, something…

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How to have sticky pages on wordpess

You have to change a single line (#137) in  wp-admin/includes/meta-boxes.php from: <?php if ( $post_type == ‘post’ && current_user_can( ‘edit_others_posts’ ) ) : ?> to: <?php if ( in_array( $post_type, (array) apply_filters( ‘sticky_post_types’, array( ‘post’, ‘page’  )  ) ) &&…

Using microdata RDFa with Breadcrumb NavXT 4.4 (schema.org)

Small tutorial on how to set up RDFa microdata in Breadcrumb NavXT plugin on a Wordpress site for a structured data breadcrumb (for Google seo and serp)

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